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PU Resin for Wood Paint (2016)

Our PU resin for wooden paint varies in different types including the BYD1008 type, BYD1014 type and BYD1002A type. This waterborne polymer is the raw material for making wooden paint, furniture vanish, industrial paint, plastic paint, rubber coating, etc.

Technical Data
Item BYD-1008 BYD-1014 BYD-1002A
Polymer Type Anionic Aliphatic Waterborne Polyurethane Aromatic Waterborne Polyurethane Aromatic Waterborne Polyurethane
Appearance Blue translucent liquid without mechanical impurities
Solid Content (%) 35±1 35±1 35±1
Viscosity (T-4 cup) (s) 15-25 14-20 15-30
VOC (g/L≤) 60 10 5
Surface Drying Time (h≤) 0.6 0.8 0.8
Hard Drying Time (h≤) 24 24 24
Adhesion (cross section test) Grade 0-2 0-1 0-2
Flexibility (0.5mm) No flaw, no flaking
Abrasive Resistance (750g/500r) (g≤) 0.01 0.01 0.01
Hardness (7D/wood block) (≥) 1H 1H 2H
Gloss (60°/wood block), (≥) / 95
Water Resistance / Slightly blistering after 48 hours without wrinkling and peeling off. Whitening is acceptable and it recovers after 2 hours.
Alcohol Resistance / No bubbles after 8 hours
Application Industrial paint, leather paint, wooden paint Waterborne decorative paint, primer for furniture, plastic paint. Waterborne refinishing paint, wooden paint, rubber paint
Characteristics High temperature resistant (120ºC after-tack resistance), solvent and alcohol resistant, scratch and bending resistant, durable for kinking, yellowing resistant, applicable for substrates like industrial base materials and various flexible materials. Making the film full and durable, good scratch resistance and flexibility, no after-tack under high temperature, no flaw under low temperature, large operative area more than 26-30m²/kg. Thick paint film, durable, after-tack resistance at high temperature, no flaw at low temperature, scratch resistant and excellent flexibility, large operative area 26-30m²/kg, non-flammable and pollution free.
Package 220kg (net weight)/drum, plastic drum
Storage Stored in closed container in a cool and ventilated warehouse at 5ºC to 35ºC.
Safety This product is waterborne, non-toxic, non-dangerous article, only for industrial use.