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Water Based Epoxy Material and Coating

    1. The hardener is cation system, and cannot be added the anion assist agent. Pay attention to use with strong acid and alkali filler, the standard is not to destroy the system.
    1. Epoxy Flooring Coating, HCT-2766The foundation surface (flooring surface) should be sanded evenly and got rid of powder dust, rust, oil stain and other impurity materials for 4 weeks protective cement or cement mortar flooring.
    1. Epoxy Flooring Coating, HCT-2788The product has good sealing property and adhesion force to the base materials and can prevent alkaline matters from base materials coming out. It can effectively protect the waterbase epoxy finish and prolong the period of use.
    1. Epoxy Flooring Coating, HCT-2777As the two-component flooring tie coat in the water-base epoxy flooring series, apply between the primer and surface coating, it can promote the loading capacity and serving life of the coating systems.