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Waterborne PU Resin (2016)

    1. PU Resin for Wood Paint (2016)Our PU resin for wooden paint varies in different types including the BYD1008 type, BYD1014 type and BYD1002A type. This waterborne polymer is the raw material for making wooden paint, furniture vanish, industrial paint, plastic paint, rubber coating, etc.
    1. PU Resin for Industrial Paint (2016)The PU resin for industry paint is available in some types including the BYD1008 type, BYD1016 type and BYD1403 type. This waterborne substance is the major raw material for fabricating the industrial paint, wooden paint, leather paint, glass paint, paper, etc.
    1. PU Resin for Surface Coating (2016)The BYD1007 type and the BYD1403 type of PU resins are usually used for fabricating the quality surface coating of special paper, PET films and so on.