Epoxy Resin HS2255 (2016)

This epoxy resin HS2255 is featured by high epoxide equivalent weight, low viscosity and light color. It is commonly used as adhesive of solvent-free coating, concrete floor paint and cast materials.

Technical Data
Item Technical Data
Appearance Light yellow transparent thick liquid
Color (Gardner method) <3
EEW(g/Eq) 184-210
Viscosity (MPa.s,40ºC) ≤1600
Content of Inorganic Chlorine (ppm) ≤300
Easily Saponified Chlorine Content (%) ≤0.7
Volatilization (%) ≤1.8

Each drum is able to hold 50kg and 200kg of products.

The epoxy resin should be saved in well sealed package at dry and ventilated place without stacking. It should be kept away from the amine compound and moisture. Then the product will work with a long life expectancy.