Epoxy Hardener HS2266 (2016)

This epoxy hardener HS2266 contains is a kind of additive containing amine element and it takes water as the dispersed medium. If diluted excessively, this substance will become semitransparent emulsion. It can emulsify the liquid epoxy resin properly. In addition, this product has a variety of advantages over other ordinary products, such as high adaptability for self-leveling coating, crack resistance, etc.

1. The product is nonionic and it is allowed to be mixed with general ionic additives, acid and alkaline fillers.
2. With some fillers added, this curing agent is able to make the coating with properly proportioned pigment and adhesive.
3. It performs with high curing efficiency, especially in winter.
4. This material offers outstanding adhesion to various substrates like concrete, metal, old coating film, etc.
5. Cooperated with our product, the self-leveling flooring coating realizes the equivalent effect with the conventional solvent-free coatings.

This epoxy hardener is adaptable for thick and thinned self-leveling coatings, mortar flooring coating, metal corrosion resistant paint, modified cement mortar coatings, etc.

Technical Data
Item Technical Data
Appearance Light yellow viscous liquid
Color Shade (Gardner's method) <6
Active Ingredient Content (Weight %) 50.0±2.0
Viscosity (MPa.s, 25ºC) 3000-6000
Density (g/cm3) 1.08-1.12
PH Value 8-9
Reactive Hydrogen Equivalent 285
Ratio of Epoxy Resin HS2255 and Epoxy Hardener HS2266
(mass ratio)

Every 50kg of products in net weight will be packed in one white plastic drum.

As the nontoxic and inflammable material, this product should be delivered in the way of non-dangerous items. It is recommended to be saved in the shady and ventilated warehouse, away from heat and fire source. At the usual storage temperature ranging from 10 to 40ºC, its shelf life is one year.