Epoxy Hardener HS2288 (2016)

Our epoxy hardener HS2288 is an optimized cationic amine product. It offers preeminent emulsifying performance for the general liquid epoxy resin and high molecule epoxy resin emulsion. This waterborne product is commonly applied in the manufacture of glossy coatings.

1.The product is able to be diluted by water so that it is suitable for using in the wet cement.
2. This liquid performs with high adhesion to various substrates like cement, metal, old coating layers, etc.
3. It possesses powerful bearing capacity for pigment and makes the coating film with outstanding resistance to chemicals.
4. The production tools of coatings and the operation tools for this epoxy hardener can be easily washed by water.
5. After using this product, the flooring coating with leveling capacity offers the same performance as the original non-solvent ones.
6. Our product is a cationic system and the anionic additives are forbidden to be added in. The strong acid and alkali filler should be used in standard proportion cautiously to prevent the system from being damaged.

1.This epoxy hardener is extremely suited to be used as primer, middle coating and surface coatings. It is widely applicable for metal surface coating, steel and aluminum corrosion resistant coatings, industrial protection coating with high demand on the resistance to chemicals, cement surface industrial floor coating, wall surface coating, interior protection coating for swimming pool and tank, the floor and wall coatings that have high demand of hardness and wear resistance, especially for the wet material surface.

Technical Data
Item Technical Data
Appearance Yellowish transparence viscosity liquid
Color (Gardner way) <9
Active Ingredient Content (weight %) 50.0±2.0
Viscosity (MPa.s, 25ºC) 5000-8000
Density (g/cm3) 1.08-1.15
PH Value 8-9
Active Hydrogen Content 320
Ratio of Epoxy Resin HS2255 and HS2288 Epoxy Hardener 60:100

There are 50kg of products in net weight packed in one white plastic drum.

This epoxy hardener is nontoxic and inflammable so that it should be classified into the category of non-dangerous product in the delivery. Away from the heat and fire sources, it is recommended to be stored in the shady and drafty warehouse. At the normal storage temperature range of 10 to 40ºC, the material can be saved for one year.