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Water Based Epoxy Flooring Coating, Resin and Hardener (2016)

    1. Epoxy Resin Flooring Coating (2016)This epoxy resin flooring coating is a two-component waterborne product. It is widely used for cement floor or cement mortar floor in underground parking lot, workshop, hospital, airport lounge, etc.
    1. Epoxy Resin HS2255 (2016)The epoxy resin should be saved in well sealed package at dry and ventilated place without stacking. It should be kept away from the amine compound and moisture. Then the product will work with a long life expectancy.
    1. Epoxy Hardener HS2266 (2016)This epoxy hardener HS2266 contains is a kind of additive containing amine element and it takes water as the dispersed medium. If diluted excessively, this substance will become semitransparent emulsion.
    1. Epoxy Hardener HS2288 (2016)Our epoxy hardener HS2288 is an optimized cationic amine product. It offers preeminent emulsifying performance for the general liquid epoxy resin and high molecule epoxy resin emulsion.