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PU Resin for Industrial Paint (2016)

The PU resin for industry paint is available in some types including the BYD1008 type, BYD1016 type and BYD1403 type. This waterborne substance is the major raw material for fabricating the industrial paint, wooden paint, leather paint, glass paint, paper, etc.

Technical Data
Item BYD-1008 BYD-1016 BYD-1403
Polymer Type Anionic Aliphatic Water-based Polyurethane Anionic Aliphatic Water-based Polyurethane Aromatic Waterborne Polyurethane
Appearance Blue translucent liquid without mechanical impurities
Solid Content (%) 35±1 35±1 30±2
Viscosity (T-4 cup) (s) 15-30 15-30 100-500
VOC (g/L≤) 60 60 60
Surface Drying Time (h≤) 0.6 0.8 0.6
Hard Drying Time ( h≤) 24 24 24
Adhesion (cross section test) Grade 0-2 0-1 0-2
Flexibility (0.5mm) No flaw, no flaking.
Abrasive Resistance (750g/500r) (g≤) 0.01 0.01 0.01
Hardness (7D/wood block) (≥) 1H 1H 1H
Gloss (60°/wood block), (≥) / 95
Water Resistance / Slightly blistering after 48 hours without wrinkling and peeling off. Whitening is acceptable and it recovers after 2 hours.
Alcohol Resistance / No bubbles after 8 hours
Application Industry paint, leather paint, wooden paint Waterborne industrial paint and wooden paint, glass paint, leather varnish Surface of paper and leather, roller coating, spraying, transfer print and intaglio printing
Package 220kg (net weight)/drum, plastic drum
Storage Stored in closed container in a cool and ventilated warehouse at 5ºC to 35ºC.
Safety This product is waterborne, non-toxic, non-dangerous article, only for industrial use.