Epoxy Resin Flooring Coating (2016)

This epoxy resin flooring coating is a two-component waterborne product. It is widely used for cement floor or cement mortar floor in underground parking lot, workshop, hospital, airport lounge, etc.

Technical Data
Item BYD2766 Surface Coating BYD2777 Middle Coating BYD2788 Primer
Color A Colored Grey yellow Transparent
B Yellowish transparent viscous liquid
Non VOC (%) A 45.0±1 41.3±1 36±1
B ≥98
Proportioning A:B=100:25 A:B:(60-100 mesh quartz sand)=100:25:150-200 A:B=100:30
Product Highlights Excellent abrasion resistance Strong adhesion to the paint film Forming effective sealing layer and has excellent water and alkali resistance.
Strong adhesive strength High hardness Preventing the water soluble salting out and alkali out, protecting the finish paint from being damaged by salt and alkali.
Good impact resistance and high hardness Shock resistant Keeping the substrate’s water-absorption performance in balance, maintaining the gloss and color of the finish paint
High fullness and decorative performance Promoting the bearing capacity of the coating system and extending the service life of the coating system. Excellent adhesion and mildew resistance
Water-based, environmental friendly, alternative for solvent-based products Waterborne, safe, environmental-friendly, alternative for solvent-based products. Waterborne, safe and environmental-friendly, alternative for solvent-based products
Matching System Paint twice Paint once or twice Paint once
Dilution for Clear Water (0-5) % (0-10) %
Operation Way Rolling, brushing, spraying Scraping Roller, brushing, spraying
Operation Condition Temperature ≥8ºC
Water content ≥10%
Air humidity ≤ 85%
Package A, net weight 20kg/drum, plastic drum.B, net weight 5kg/drum, plastic drum.
Storage The product should be stored in dry, shadow cool place and the expiry date is 12 months at normal temperature (20ºC/68ºF).
Remark: A represents for A component, B represents for B component.