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Gum Rosin (2016)

The gum rosin is a species of natural resin that is formulated by a variety of resin acids. It is extremely chemically active and is soluble in diverse organic solvents. Therefore, this product becomes the significant raw material of fabricating the paper, coating, ink, rubber, soap, electronic industrial product, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins, etc.

Items X Grade WW Grade
Appearance Transparent solid
Color Slightly yellow Pale yellow
Correspond to the standard glass color piece of rosin
Min. Softening Point
(R and B)°C
Min. Acid Value (mg KOH/g), 166
Max. Alcohol Insoluble Substance (%) 0.03
Max. Unsaponifiable
Matter (%)
Max. Ash (%) 0.02

Drum: Each galvanized iron drum contains 225kg of products in net weight.
Bag: Each craft paper bag or plastic woven bag holds 25kg of products in net weight.