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Rosin Resin (2016)

    1. Gum Rosin (2016)The gum rosin is a species of natural resin that is formulated by a variety of resin acids. It is extremely chemically active and is soluble in diverse organic solvents.
    1. Modified Rosin Resin (2016)This modified rosin resin is popularized in the fabrication of EVA base hot melt glue stick, bookbinding, pressure-sensitive adhesive based on SIS or SBS, emulsion and paints based on NR and CR, etc.
    1. Refined Rosin Modified Resin (2016)This substance has a plurality of highlights, such as aging resistance, slight odor, excellent thermal stability, oxidation resistance and optimized bonding strength for solvent-based adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, hot melt adhesive, etc.
    1. Rosin Modified Maleic Resin (2016)Our product offers general solubility in the coal tars, esters and turpentine oil. Yet it is difficult to be dissolved in the alcoholic solvent. It can be partially dissolved in petroleum solvent and totally soluble in plant oils.
    1. Hot Melt Road Marking Resin (2016)The hot melting road marking resin is mainly made from the gum rosin and other raw materials according to our particular formulation and technical process for road marking paint.
    1. Traffic Paint Maleic Resin (2016)This traffic paint maleic resin appears in slight yellow transparent color. This solid substance is a compound adduct of gum rosin and maleic anhydride via the esterification of glycerol or pentaerythritol.

Rosin resin is a kind of dimerized resin which has light color, high softening point, high viscosity, and good oxidation resistance. It will not crystallize in liquid state or in solution.
There are conjugated double bonds and carboxyl active group in rosin resin acid. This makes the rosin resin acid very active. Hence, the utility of rosin resins can be improved via chemical reaction, such as oxidation reaction, isomulization, disproportionate, hydrogenation, addition reaction, polymerization reaction, esterification, alcoholization, salification, decarboxylic reaction, and ammonolysis reaction and so on.

Applications of Rosin Resin
Rosin resin can be used to make paint, drier, synthetic resin, automobile coating, printing ink, rubber complex, scaling powder, and various adhesives and protective coatings.

About our Rosin Resin
As a professional rosin resin manufacturer in China, we can provide many kinds of rosin resin, including gum rosin resin, modified rosin resin, refined rosin resin, hot melt road marking resin, and rosin modified maleic anhydride resin, etc.
Gum rosin resin is mainly composed of various resin acids. It is soluble in many solvents, and can be used to make paper, coating, ink, rubber, soap, electron, edible ester gum, and rosin ester resin, and so on.
Hot melt road marking resin is a kind of resin especially for road marking paint. It is produced through modifying gum rosin and other materials.

In order to make us more competitive in the market, we also offer silica gel absorbent, zinc stearate, matting agent, acrylic emulsion, and wall paint, etc. In order to ensure their quality, we adopt high quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology in the production of these products. These environmentally friendly products have reliable performance and have passed SGS test. They sell well in Egypt, Iran, Ae, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Ghana, Mexico, Fiji, Russia, and more.

We are located in Foshan city, near highways, airports and ocean ports. This will help reduce your transportation cost.
Our rosin resin and other products are all guaranteed for 12-24 months. Furthermore, they all come with Material Safety Data Sheet. Thus you can feel secure in using them
OEM service is also available, upon request.
We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and service.