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Matting Agent (2016)

    1. BV Series Matting Agent (2016)This product offers high compatibility with various water based and solvent based coatings including the high grade furniture paint, industrial paint, wooden coating like PU, NC and PE, powder coating, varnish, etc.
    1. B Series Matting Agent (2016)The B605, B607 and B609 types are organic surface products that incorporate such merits like high transparency, optimal recoatability, protection for paint film against scratch and preeminent suspension performance
    1. ATM Series Matting Agent (2016)Our ATM series matting agent is a new type of product with optimized matting effect, transparency and other characteristics. It is widely applied in the field of high-end coatings, oil ink, etc.
    1. UV Curing Series Matting Agent (2016)Our product possesses a range of strong points including outstanding dispertity, amazing matting effect, high transparence, excellent recoatability, resistance to deposition and so on.

In recent years, paint industry has developed fast in China. The total output of paint in China lies in the front rank in the world. In the past, the paint with bright color was popular with by consumers due to their lovely luster and brightness. However, with the improvement of living standard, people has gradually realized that the paint with bright color has strong reflection performance and will do harm to the eyes. Furthermore, consumers tend to use paint that present leisure, fashion and individualization.

Therefore, people are inclined to choose the paint with soft appearance and low luster. Thus how to produce paint with matting performance is the main problem for paint designers. The most common way is to add matting agent into the paint.

Kinds of Matting Agent
1. Metallic soap
Metallic soap is a kind of matting agent commonly used in early stage.

2. Wax
Wax is a kind of organic suspended matting agent.

3. Functional type fine particles
Kieselguhr, kaolin, fumed silica are all functional fine particles used as matting agents. They are inorganic filling type matting agents.

In addition to the above three kinds of matting agents, some drying oil, such as tung oil, can also be used as matting agent in paint industry. Nowadays, the delustering product in the market is mainly inorganic silica. In recent two years, we began to introduce organic matting agents produced by Albemarle Corporation in America.
PERGOPAK&reg is a kind of special organic polymer. It can be used as matting agent of varnish and colored paint, as well as the orientating agent of flash aluminum powder pigment. The current models are M3, M4, M5, and M6.

As a professional matting agent manufacturer in China, Tianyi Chemical Engineering Material Company can produce many kinds of matting agents, including gasoloid matting agent BV series, gasoloid matting agent B series, silica matting agent SF series, matting agent for color master batch, and matting agent for coil coating, etc.
These matting agents are of high quality and reliable performance, while keeping the coated surface protected as well as aesthetically enhanced. Besides, they are provided together with MSDS.
Our matting agents have passed SGS certification, and are well received in Egypt, Iran, Ae, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, Ghana, Mexico, Fiji, Russia, and Southeast Asia, etc.

Located in Foshan city in China, we are near to highways, airports and ocean ports. This can help reduce your transportation cost and facilitate the transportation of your matting agents. In general, we will make shipment 7-15 days after the receipt of your order.
Furthermore, we provide 12-24 months warranty for our matting agents. OEM service is also available, upon request.

If you want to learn more information about our matting agents or other products, please turn to other pages on the website or contact us directly.