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Pure Acrylic Copolymer (2016)

This pure acrylic copolymer is a kind of waterborne white anionic emulsion liquid for construction coatings.

Our product offers high versatility in performance. It is waterproof, alkali resistant, yellowing resistant, weatherable and extremely color retentive.

Our pure acrylic copolymer is widely used for interior and exterior wall coating, metal surface paint, primer, textile, heat insulation coating, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, etc.

Technical Data
Item PH Value Viscosity (cps, 3#/60rpm,25ºC) Solid Content(%) Min. Film Forming Temperature (ºC) Temperature of Glass(ºC) Particle Diameter(μm) Characteristics Application
BYD2600 8±1 100-300 55±1 >0 -50 0.2-0.6 Good flowability, good mechanical stability, good compatibility and wettability, strong cohesive strength. Pressure sensitive adhesive tape on polypropylene film.
BYD2610 8±1 100-500 49±2 25 28 0.1-0.2 Excellent yellowing resistance, scrubbing resistance, color retention, strong alkali resistance and adhesion. Weatherable exterior wall coating.High-quality interior wall coating.Exterior poster coating.
BYD2620 8±1 100-300 49±2 18 28 0.1-0.2 Excellent stain resistance, weatherability, good water and alkali resistance. Anti-stain interior wall coating.High-quality exterior wall coating.Exterior poster coating.
BYD2630 8±1 200-1000 50±2 0 -25 0.1-0.3 Low VOC, excellent elasticity at room and low temperature, excellent color retention, good compatibility with color paste. Elastic interior wall coating.Elastic exterior wall coating.Gigging coating.
BYD2640 8±1 800-1600 40±2 10 23 0.1-0.2 Excellent corrosion resistance, good adhesion, alkali resistance and weatherability, good compatibility with anticorrosive pigment, one-component, self-cross linking at room temperature. Waterborne anti-corrosive primer for metal.
BYD2301 8±1 0-200 48±1 -10 -24 0.1-0.2 Self-cross linking, low film forming temperature, good mechanical stability. Electrostatic flocking for textile.
BYD2302 6±1 0-800 45±1 -10 0 0.1-0.2 Getting soft finished product, especially for washing polyester wadding. Production of soft polyester wadding.
BYD2303 8±1 0-800 45±1 -10 -25 0.1-0.2 Getting smooth finished product, strong cohesive strength, and easy operation. Gold print for textile.

Every drum can be packed with 50kg, 125kg, 160kg, 200kg or 1000kg of products.

It is better to keep the product in thoroughly sealed container at the temperature range of 5ºC to 35ºC and the product is not allowed to be frozen and heated. The material can be stored for half a year since it is packaged.

Safety Consideration
Our product is only for industrial use. This waterborne material is not toxic and hazardous.