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Silicone Acrylic Copolymer (2016)

This silicon acrylic copolymer is usually used for construction coatings. It is a white waterborne emulsion liquid with anion.

This product is featured by excellent resistance to water and stains, stable mechanism and other merits.

This silicon acrylic copolymer is prominently used for exterior wall coating, natural stone coating, surface coating and so on.

Technical Data
Item PH Value Viscosity(cps, 3#/60rpm,25ºC) Solid Content(%) Min. Film Forming Temperature (ºC) Temperature of Glass(ºC) Particle Diameter(μm) Characteristics Application
BYD8001 9±1 0-500 41±2 10 30 0.05-0.1 Good gloss and yellowing resistance, excellent water and whitening resistance, color retention, stain resistance. Exterior wall coating, natural stone coating, top coating.
BYD8600 7±1 500-800 43±1 / / 0.05-0.1 Strong cohesive strength, hydrophobic property, washable performance, after-tack resistance, gloss retention, good texture. Surface coating for textile.

There are 50kg, 125kg, 160kg, 200kg or 1000kg of products in net weight packed in one drum.

This material should be saved at temperature ranging from 5ºC to 35ºC in tightly sealed container, avoiding freezing and heating. Its shelf life is half a year from the day it is packaged.

Safety Consideration
Our product is waterborne, non-toxic and not hazardous. It is only for industrial use.