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Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer/ Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (2016)

Our vinyl acrylic copolymer is a kind of waterborne white anionic emulsion liquid, which is commonly used for construction coatings.

1.This material is washable.
2. It makes the finished coatings smooth and soft by touching.
3. Our product performs with high viscosity.

This vinyl acetate copolymer is applicable for interior and exterior wall coating, metal surface coating, primer, textile, heat insulation coating, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, etc.

Technical Data
Item PH Value Viscosity (cps, 3#/60rpm,25ºC) Solid Content (%) Min. Film Forming Temperature (ºC) Temperature of Glass(ºC) Particle Diameter(μm) Characteristics Application
BYD5110(Vinyl Acrylic) 4±1 1000-2000 55±2 16 28 0.3-0.5 High bearing capacity for pigment, excellent washability, good hand feeling and full film, good compatibility with color paste. Mercerized interior wall coating, PVC interior coating.
BYD5120(Vinyl Veova Copolymer) 4±1 800-3000 55±2 23 25 0.2-0.4 Soft and homogeneous gloss, good washability, good texture, no after-tack, good alkali resistance. Mercerized interior wall coating, quality interior wall coating.
BYD5105(Vinyl Acrylic) 4±1 20000-40000 50±1 20 30 0.1-0.3 Make the textile stiffer and smoother, excellent yellowing resistance, APEO free. Make the textile stiffer and smoother.
BYD7201(Acetate Vinyl) 5±1 25000-35000 36±1 12 25 0.1-0.3 Strong cohesive strength, fast film formation, wide application. Plastic binder for PVC, PS, fabrics, wood, paper, cement.
BYD7630(Acetate Vinyl) 5±1 300000-400000 38±1 8 12 0.1-0.3 Strong cohesive strength, high viscosity. It is a universal binder.
BYD7231(Acetate Vinyl) 5±1 1200-2200 54.5±1 5 12 0.1-0.2 Strong cohesive strength, thickening effect. Binder for construction, wood, paper, fiber, electrostatic flocking for textile.

Each drum can be filled with 50kg, 125kg, 160kg, 200kg, 1000kg of products.

Stored in the tightly sealed container at temperature between 5ºC and 35ºC, this material should be not frozen or heated. Calculated from the day of packing, its shelf life is about half a year.

Safety Consideration
This waterborne product is not toxic and hazardous. It is only for industrial use.