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Hot Melt Road Marking Resin (2016)

The hot melting road marking resin is mainly made from the gum rosin and other raw materials according to our particular formulation and technical process for road marking paint.

1.This resin is specially used as the connection material of traffic marking paints.
2. Aside from the merits of light color and moderate softening point, it is efficient in shielding and absorbing ultraviolet light, obtaining free radical, decomposing the hyperoxide and quenching active oxide.
3. Aided by our hot melting road marking resin, the traffic marking paint possesses outstanding resistance against crush, abrasion and smudge, appropriate leveling performance and quick drying effect.
4. This substance is also yellowing and aging resistant.

Items HR95 HR100 HR100A HR100B HR 105 HR 110
Appearance Pale yellow, transparent with beads
Color (Gardner Grade, ≤) 4 4 6 10 4 4
Softening Point (Ring and Ball)ºC 95 ± 2 100 ± 2 100 ± 2 100 ± 2 105 ± 2 110 ± 2
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 20-25 20-25 20-25 20-25 20-25 20-25

This product is commonly applied in the production of white or yellow hot melt traffic paint for bitumen road surface and cement road surface.

Forms and package
Every 25kg of products in bead or flake will be packed in a craft paper bag or plastic intertexture bag. Specific package can be customized by users.