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Traffic Paint Maleic Resin (2016)

This traffic paint maleic resin appears in slight yellow transparent color. This solid substance is a compound adduct of gum rosin and maleic anhydride via the esterification of glycerol or pentaerythritol.

The product is basically soluble in coal tar, esters and turpentine oil, yet insoluble in alcoholic solvents. It is partially soluble in petroleum solvents and well dissolved in plant oils. This chemical material is endowed with stabile color, high viscosity and excellent yellowing and heat resistance.

Items HC125 HC 125B HC 130 HC 130A HC130B
Color (Gardner Grade, ≤) 5 8 3 5 8
Softening Point (Ring and Ball)ºC 125 ± 2 130 ± 2
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 20-30
Solubility in Benzene (1:1) Compatible, clear

Remark: The esterification by glycerol or pentaerythritol is subject to the customer's requirement.

This traffic paint maleic resin is mostly applied in the paint and coating industries. It is applicable for making the phenolic paints via polymerization with plant oil, enhancing the hardness of paint films, gloss and rubbing property for polyesters, nitro and PU paints, etc.

Every 25kg (net weight) of products in bead or flake will be packed in a craft paper bag or plastic intertexture bag. The specific package is available for customers.