Water Based Acrylic Copolymer for Wood Coating, HMP-3602

Water based wooden paint
Top-coat and primer for wooden furniture and floor

Excellent film forming
High hardness, tenacity and abrasion resistance
Excellent yellowing resistance, aging resistance and excellent color and gloss retention
Excellent water resistance, good transparency and high gloss.
Soft, non-toxic, eco-friendly, no plasticizer, no harmful solvents and other harmful volatiles
Surface drying time is 2-3 mins

Main Chemical Index
Item HMP-3602
Type Modified acrylic copolymer
Appearance Gray white with blue gloss, translucent
Solid Content, % 48 ± 2
Ion Anion
PH Value 7.0 ~ 8.0
Viscosity (2 ℃ S ) 50 ~ 200
MFFT ( ℃ ) 50
Tg ( ℃ ) 50
Particle Size (μm) 0.1 ~ 0.2
Water resistance of the dry film No bubbles, 120 hrs no whitish
Package 50kg, 125kg/drum
Storage Store it in closed containers in a cool and ventilated warehouse under 2-35 ℃ .
Safety This product is water based, non-toxic, non-dangerous goods. For industrial use only.