Water Based Acrylic Copolymer for Wood Coating, HMP-3612

Water based wooden coating
Finish coating and primer for wooden furniture and floor

Excellent film forming
Soft, non-toxic, eco-friendly. No plasticizer, no harmful solvents and other harmful volatiles
High hardness, good tenacity
Excellent yellowing resistance and aging resistance
Excellent water resistance, good transparency and sanding property
Surface drying time is 2-3 mins

Main Chemical Index
Item HMP-3612
Type Modified acrylic copolymer
Appearance Gray white with blue gloss, translucent
Solid Content, % 45±1
Ion Anion
PH Value 6.0 ~ 8.0
Viscosity (2 ℃ S) 50 ~ 5 00
MFFT ( ℃ ) 50
Tg ( ℃ ) 49
Particle Size (μm) < 0.2
Density (kg/L, 25 ℃ ) 1.06 – 1.10
Water resistance of the dry film No bubbles, 120 hrs no whitish
Package 50kg, 125kg/drum
Storage Store it in closed containers in a cool and ventilated warehouse under 2-35 ℃ .
Safety This product is water based, non-toxic, non-dangerous goods. For industrial use only.