Epoxy Flooring Coating, HCT-2777

Product Types
A component: HCT-2777A
B component: HCT-2777B

As the two-component flooring tie coat in the water-base epoxy flooring series, apply between the primer and surface coating, it can promote the loading capacity and serving life of the coating systems.

Typical Applications
Cement floors, walls and machinery in areas such as:
Underground parking lot
Factories, warehouses and hangars
Hospital, shopping centres, schools and laboratories
Food and beverage industry
Chemical industry
Retaining walls
Seamless flooring

Product Characteristics
Good attachment in the paint film
High hardness
Anti shock resistance
Promote the coating system loading capacity and application life time of the coating system.
Waterbase product, safe and environmental, it is an ideal product and can instead of the traditional product.

Technical Information
Color Grayish yellow or customers' require
Volume Solid Content 41.3±1% ( A : B=4 : 1 weight ratio)
Surface Drying Time ≤ 4 hours (25 ℃ , relative humidity ≤ 85%)
Recoat Interval ≥ 24 hours (25 ℃ , relative humidity ≤ 85%)
The Thickness of the Drying Film 300-800 um (flatting surface, once)

Match System
Waterbase Epoxy Flooring Primer (once): (HCT-2788A : HCT-2788B=4 :1 Weight ratio)
Waterbase Epoxy Tie coat (once or twice): (HCT-2777A : HCT-2777B=4 :1 Weight ratio)
Waterbase Epoxy Top Finish (twice): (HCT-2766A : HCT-2766B=4 :1 Weight ratio)

Application Data
Construction ways: Knife coat
Paint mixing ratio (weight ratio): A : B=4 : 1
Tools washing way: Using clear water to wash immediately after construction
Construction conditions: The temperature of flooring should not be below 8℃ during the construction, moisture content ≤10%, air humidity≤85%

Theoretic Coating Rate:
As epoxy thick mortar layer:
A: B: 80 mesh quartz sand = 4:1:3 (weight ratio),
mortar layer of dry film thickness per mm needs A component 0.46kg , about coating rate is 3m²/kg (after mixing all the components)
As a piece of the thin epoxy mortar layer:
A: B: 100 mesh quartz powder = 4:1:3 (weight ratio),
The thickness of dry film per mm of a mortar layer needs A component 0.56kg, coat rate of about 3m²/kg (after mixing all the components)

Foundation Treatment
New cement mortar flooring should be maintained over 5 weeks in winter, 4 weeks in summer
Remove loose material and other contaminants on the ground, using epoxy mortar to repair the ground which should be maintained over 3 days in winter, 2 days in summer

Mix the component A and component B exactly according to the proportion, and stri completely, and then place it for 20 minutes. If not strict to matching, it will cause bad on the coating film even have the quality problem
This is the water-base coating, it needs to invoid the organic solvent pollution
It needs necessary labor protection job during operation

A component: 20kg iron drum
B component: 5kg plastic drum
Stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, The shelf life in normal temperature could reach 12 months (20℃/68℉)

Keep air circulation during construction
Use protective masks, gloves and other protective tools to prevent skin or eyes from being contaminated and nose being absorped over amount of coating frog
Using lots of water to wash eyes if contaminated and ask doctors for help
Cover the tops of the products during the construction rest
Keep the products away from the children