Epoxy Flooring Coating, HCT-2766

Product Types
A component:HCT-2766A
B component:HCT-2766B

The product is 2 component system waterbase epoxy flooring paint, which is suitable for cement(-sand) mortar floor.

Typical Applications
Cement floors, walls and machinery in areas such as:
Underground parking lot
Factories, warehouses and hangars
Hospital, shopping centers, schools and laboratories
Food and beverage industry
Chemical industry
Retaining walls
Seamless flooring
Waterproofing concrete slabs before floor overlay

Product Characteristics
Excellent abrasion resistance property
Great adhesive force
Good impact resistance and high hardness
High fullness and decorative performance
Waterbase and pro-environmental product, which is a good choice for traditional solventbase series product

Technical Information
Color all kinds of color
Volume Solid Content 45 ± 1% Operation Ratio: A : B=4 : 1
Surface Drying Time ≤ 4 hours (25 ℃ , relative humidity ≤ 85%)
Recoat Interval ≥ 8 hours (25 ℃ , relative humidity ≤ 85%)
The Thickness of the Drying Film 50 um (flatting surface, once)

Theoretic Coating Rate
About 7-8 m²/kg (once, flatting surface, actual coat rate will be changed according to different items like coat way, operate tools and the smooth property of the coated surface.)

Match System
Waterbase Epoxy Flooring Primer (once): (HCT2788A : HCT2788B= 4 :1 Weight ratio)
Waterbase Epoxy Tie coat (once or twice): (HCT2777A : HCT2777B= 4 :1 Weight ratio)
Waterbase Epoxy Top Finish (twice): (HCT2766A : HCT2766B= 4 :1 Weight ratio)

Application Data
Construction ways: Roller coat, Brush coat, Spray coat
Construction tools: 1. Rollers 2. Hairbrush 3.Airbrush
Dilution methods: Clear pure water (0-5%)
Tools washing way: Use clear water to wash immediately after construction

Foundation Treatment
The foundation surface (flooring surface) should be sanded evenly and got rid of powder dust, rust, oil stain and other impurity materials for 4 weeks protective cement or cement mortar flooring. If crackness or damage are appeared on the surface, it should be recoated using the same materials as previous base materials, the protective period should be over 1 week after repair.

Foundation treatment
Coat HCT2788 epoxy primer once
Coat the tie coat HCT2777 as per your practical requirement
Coat HCT2766 Epoxy top finish once or twice

A component: 20kg plastic drum
B component: 5kg plastic drum
Should be stored under dry, shadow and cool place and the expiry date is 12 months under the normal temperature (20℃/68℉)

The rollers, brushes and other tools should be soaked into the water for about 5 minutes before constuction
A and B components should be mixed correctly and stired evenly before construction.
The dilution proportioning should be chosen according to the construction temperature.
Humidity and the appropriate viscosity should be made as per the requirements.
The mixture should be stired evenly and waited for a while, it should be used after 15 minutes
A component belongs to waterbase coatings which should not be polluted by organic solvents,
B component should not be diluted by water
The coatings which has been mixed should be used in 4 hours, unfinished coat can’t be poured back into the previous package, it should be stoped using if appears thickened
The coatings should not be over-diluted no matter spary coat or roller coat in order to protect propertys of the film
Pay attention to the labor protection during the construction

Keep the circulation of air during construction
Use protective masks, gloves and other protective tools to prevent skin or eyes from being contaminated and nose being absorped over amount of coating frog
Use lots of water to wash eyes if contaminated and ask doctors for help
Cover the tops of the products during the construction rest
Keep the products away from the children